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The Thriving Places Index is a brilliant tool for debating what we think matters most in our lives, exploring just how different parts of the UK are doing, and asking why there are such vast differences between them. This is just the kind of metric needed to steer us wisely through the 21st century.

Kate Raworth – Economist and Author of Doughnut Economics

To build an economy that delivers wellbeing for people and the planet, we need systemic transformation that starts where people are. The Thriving Places Index does exactly that: it starts where people are, and measures success through the lens of wellbeing. Metrics like these are vital because they open up conversations about the purpose of the economy, and what living good lives actually means in our communities.

Dr Katherine Trebeck, Advocacy and Influencing lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and author of The Economics of Arrival

The Thriving Places Index and the work of the Centre for Thriving Places gives government, policy-makers, public services and people an exciting alternative to measuring Gross Domestic Product as the only marker of well-being.

Sophie Howe – Future Generations Commissioner, Welsh Government