research & measurement services

Centre for Thriving Places has been developing new measures of wellbeing and local prosperity since 2010.

The Centre for Thriving Places brings together people with expertise in all aspects of wellbeing, new economics and community led research and development – with a world leading toolkit of data, apps and approaches.

Our highly respected frameworks and measurement tools support a shift away from defining personal or societal success in terms of growing consumption to shift the societal compass to point to wellbeing for people and planet – making it possible for organisations of any size to understand their wellbeing impact.

Our research works uses and adapts the most relevant and robust evidence, tools and research methodologies to provide a perfect fit for your needs. We have broad experience in delivering community led learning and evaluation, rapid evidence reviews, framework design and delivery and accessible training in better measuring, understanding and improving wellbeing outcomes in all sectors.

Get in touch with CTP if you’re interested in working with us to:

  • Use or adapt the Thriving Places Index to create a bespoke Wellbeing Economy framework for YOUR place
  • Get support to create and embed a wellbeing approach across your organisation or local region including tools, guidance, training, facilitation and support
  • Research the connections between the many drivers of a thriving place – we make the wealth of evidence and research out there accessible and applicable to where you are.
  • Digging into the data: We can help you understand, analyse and use that data to improve performance and impact.
  • Scaling and evaluating impact – TPI alongside our pioneering Happiness Pulse tool by organisations of any scale – from micro community projects to global companies or governments. Together they can measure not just the conditions for wellbeing, but how people are actually doing.