Wellbeing measurement consultancy

Measuring the wellbeing of people, places and society

Centre for Thriving Places has been developing new measures of wellbeing and local prosperity since 2010. Our measurement tools support a shift away from defining personal or societal success in terms of growing consumption to shift the societal compass to point to wellbeing for people and planet – making it possible for organisations of any size to understand their wellbeing impact. Our measures focus on the conditions for thriving individuals and communities and support decision makers at every level and sector to measure, understand and improve the wellbeing of people and place.

The Happiness Pulse

The Happiness Pulse is a digital survey app that measures the detailed reality of personal wellbeing. It gets to the heart of how people feel and function in their lives, work and communities. It can be used at any scale from the individual, to a few households, organisations, communities, through to entire local authority areas.

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The Thriving Places Index

The Thriving Places Index is a new way to look at the strengths and challenges of the place where you live. It shows whether the conditions are in place for people to thrive – in a fair and sustainable way.

Is it a fair and equal place to live?
Is it sustainable enough so that future generations can flourish?
Are the conditions present for everyone to do well?

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Wellbeing measurement research and consultancy

Centre for Thriving Places aims to both provide new measures of progress and support improved understanding and data collection on what matters to peoples lives across the UK and beyond.  To this end, we work on numerous wellbeing measurement research projects and offer consultancy services on developing bespoke wellbeing measures or on using wellbeing data to inform decision making.

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