Wellbeing economics consultancy

An evidence-based approach to wellbeing

Our consultancy brings together multi disciplinary teams to embed a new way of thinking and doing across departments, sectors, teams and social divides. We help co-produce rigorous and accessible research and resources to help decision makers and communities understand their role in building an economy and society fit for the challenges of the 21st century. 

Contact us at hello@centreforthrivingplaces.org for more information about our consultancy services.

Thriving Places Index consultancy: a compass for a wellbeing economy

The Thriving Places Index supports decision makers across sectors to assess and prioritise policy, based on the impact it has on the wellbeing and sustainability of people and communities.  

It can be used to provide a:

  • shared set of goals for cross-sector, multi-disciplinary working framework for designing holistic approaches to budgeting, planning, procurement, commissioning and collaborative placemaking
  • powerful communication tool to engage citizens and diverse stakeholders in a sustainable wellbeing approach to change
  • local and asset-based means of measuring, tracking and evaluating progress on a range of interconnected priorities (including the Sustainable Development Goals)
  • means to balance the competing priorities inherent in a sustainable and just approach to local economics.

Research and data services  

Detailed reports on your Local Authority’s TPI data and what it can tell you with bespoke analysis to compare your results with ‘statistical neighbours’ and other relevant datasets

Bespoke ‘dive deeper’ indicator sets relevant to specific local priorities, sector needs and programme areas to supplement the headline data in the TPI 

Support for adapting the TPI framework to a ward or neighbourhood level, researching additional datasets to deepen insight on local context and priorities.

Training and engagement

Consultancy support and workshops to engage multiple stakeholders, pinpoint specific areas for policy intervention and share case studies and best practice expertise

Training and support materials to upskill in-house teams in use of the data and ways to measure, understand and improve local wellbeing

Workshop sessions and team training to help you to build a wellbeing culture in your organisation or community, supporting cross-sector collaboration and impact.

Research and measurement consultancy

Centre for Thriving Places aims to both provide new measures of progress and support improved understanding and data collection on what matters to peoples lives across the UK and beyond. To this end, we work on numerous wellbeing measurement research projects and offer consultancy services on developing bespoke wellbeing measures or on using wellbeing data to inform decision making.