Be Do Connect

CONNECT is about your relationships – the quality and the frequency of connection with both the closer and looser ties you have with others.

  • Feeling close to at least a few people with whom you can share
  • Sense of belonging to a wider group – neighbourhood, community etc.
  • Regularity of social contact with friends/family/colleagues
  • Being active in clubs, groups and associations
  • Helping others around you such as friends and neighbours
  • Volunteering in your community
  • Having contact with others of a different generation or background to you

To increase your CONNECT score, try finding ways to connect with others on a regular basis: through participating in activities or sharing a kind word or smile; lending a hand; seeking out opportunities to meet new people; or simply pick up the phone or arranging to meet with an old friend.

We all need a few people we can really turn to through life’s ups and downs. Nurturing these relationships is vital for our happiness.

But the looser ties – with neighbours, workmates, members of clubs, groups, churches or other communities are also important for our wellbeing. Feeling like you belong, that you are valued and that you give something to others is key to many elements of our happiness.

Everybody’s path to wellbeing is different. We’ve selected some resources that are relevant to the CONNECT domain, but we are always open to more suggestions. Contact if you have any comments or ideas about the resources here.

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